Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creations of Juhi

The Mischievous Boy

This boy has spilled something and is laughing. His father is looking from outside what the boy has done.

Move Your Fingers on the Colors

This is a rangoli, a game. We have to tell by closing eyes and move on the colors your fingers. If it falls on right colors the yellow circle is yours. If it falls on the wrong colors then table will be yours. 

Family Games

There are two games in this pictures of my family. In the first game it is I have to give Ladoo to my brother after crossing the obstacles. 

In the second game, it is my mother and father fighting over a box, both of them wants to open the box. Ammaji is watching. Look at the arrow, anyone where arrow is pointing will lose. Here you see my father loses. 


In this there is a building, where people are studying, anyone who wants to study can come here

Watch out for Erroneous Clocks

This is a drawing

Hand with the Game

This is a game, very easy. In this you have to tell, how much is how many, which is right and which is wrong. If told right, you can get the gold medal in the middle.

This is a drawing

This shows the Timing of Chota Bheem

This is a game, you have to tell, which color do you like and which face do you like, smily or medium or sad.  and how many years.

This is a game, which tree has how many fruits, how many birds are flying etc. 

This is a drawing

This is a game in which you have to tell if you are a boy or a girl. 

This is a game, you have to tell, how many a's, b's, Cs and Ds. 

This is a drawing.

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